Gorgeous Japanese Reiki Certificate Templates

My name is Taggart King and I’m a Reiki Master Teacher in the UK.

Over the years I have tried various different Reiki certificate formats to try and produce something that was really special.

I wasn’t too successful.

I experimented with special silver pens so I could hand-write the student’s name, I used special marbled paper, I used off-the-shelf certificate paper, and although the Reiki certificates looked OK, they weren’t exactly gorgeous.

And they didn’t look particularly Japanese either, which is a shame since we’re teaching a traditional Japanese energy system.

So I commissioned a Japanese Master Calligrapher to create a Reiki certificate for me, set out in a traditional Japanese format, and with calligraphy carefully and lovingly hand-brushed.

reiki certificate calligraphy
Calligraphy at a Shinto shrine

I made sure that the text was flexible enough to be used for different Reiki courses, and I commissioned lots of additional kanji so that the certificate could be adapted and used for all the usual Reiki levels, as well as courses like Advanced Reiki Training, Master Practitioner, Animal Reiki, Equine Reiki and so on.

I am just so pleased with the results.

Finally I am using certificates that I am proud of and which reflect the Japanese heritage of Reiki healing.

And if you’d like to use my templates too, well that is what this site is all about! I’m making these Reiki certificates available for sale to anyone who would like to use them.

You’ll be in good company, too, since 400+ Reiki Masters in a dozen countries are using these certificates for their courses.

signat TK firstname

Taggart King, Reiki Master Teacher


Photo credit: davidgsteadman

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